The 6-week group course aims to help people to gently reconnect with their bodies in a safe environment, giving people the opportunity to participate in a weekly yoga practice together. The main aim is to support you to notice sensations in your body and be able to interact with that, move and breathe in ways that support you. The course will also provide some information about yoga philosophy and be a place to practice different forms (poses) and breathing and meditation and mindfulness practices. Each group member should attend all six sessions.

The course is Trauma-informed which means:
• A safe and supportive environment in which to practice, experience and explore.
• Gentle approaches which encourage self-compassion and kindness to oneself
• Different options and complete choice over what you do with your body
• Encouraging each persons own exploration of the forms and breathing practices for their own benefit (stay with own experience)
• Invitational Language
• In group classes, participants don’t have to talk to others

Printable flyer HERE