Reconnect and reclaim your body

Recovery from an eating disorder often involves a process of reconnection to body. A yoga practice can be a way for people to make peace with the body, reclaim the body, and learn that the body can be reliable and safe again.

A six-week yoga group which aims to give people a foundation around yoga:

Learn the important philosophical elements that guide practice and how yoga can support recovery from eating disorders.

Each week we connect with our body through practices of movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation. Compassion and kindness for self are key underlying principles for the practice. This is all facilitated through gentleness, with varying options and choice provided that enable people to go at their own pace and comfort level.

The practice of yoga also enhances other recovery tools such as talk therapy and other treatment modalities.

These yoga classes are taught from a trauma informed and mental health perspective. All are welcome. No prior yoga experience required.