World Suicide Prevention Day Event

For World Suicide Prevention Day this year, EDQ attended the Roses in the Ocean event in Queen Street Mall on the 9th of September. This triennial theme for 2021-2023 is ‘Creating hope through action’, which aims to provide hope to people experiencing suicidal thoughts and reiterates that people care and want to support them. It means that everyone’s actions, no matter how big or small, may give hope to those who are struggling. Many organisations attended and engaged with members of the community, raising awareness, reducing stigma, and normalising important conversations.

Pictured: Public Health placement student Chey, and Senior Carer Coach David at the EDQ stall


We had a badge-making station, where people were able to choose a design of their choice, that had messages of support and images of hope and recovery. We handed out pamphlets, key rings, and fridge magnets while connecting and listening to people’s stories.

A chalk artist attended the event and drew our EDQ crane in front of our stall, as well as messages of hope, support, and resilience.

We enjoyed our time at Roses in the Ocean’s World Suicide Prevention Day event, and it helped highlight how important it is for services like us to come together and advocate for mental health. Through our actions, we can shine a light on suicide prevention and help create hope for the future.