Medicare rebates are available for all clients with a valid GP referral.

The rebate amount is dependent on both the referral type, and the treating practitioner.

  • To access Medicare rebated individual counselling sessions, a GP referral will be required. When connecting with EDQ, simply let us know that you would like to use your GP referral. We will need a copy of the referral paperwork for our records.
  • Up to 40 counselling sessions, or up to 20 dietetics sessions, may be accessed through Medicare, depending on the type of referral. EDQ requires payment in full at each appointment, and will then process your claim to Medicare so that you can receive a rebate
  • Please note that any requested additional support letters or reporting etc. will be charged in line with the practitioner’s hourly rate.
  • Clients can participate in our therapeutic groups while accessing individual counselling
  • You can choose to access Medicare sessions either before or after accessing Queensland Health funded sessions. There may be a waitlist while moving between funding options – ensure you check in with EDQ staff for an estimate of the waiting time.