Team Training – Fat Positive Practice Training


Fat Positive Practice Framework Training - On Demand


In April, the EDQ team attended a workshop facilitated by Nic McDermid about Fat Positive Practice and how to incorporate more inclusive practice at EDQ. Nic is a fierce activist, advocate and content creator, who focusses much of her work on fat positivity, fat visibility and fat justice. She is a thought leader in the lived experience realm, offering her personal expertise on topics including mental health, eating disorder recovery, body image, weight stigma and anti-fat bias. Nic has featured at numerous conferences and online speaking appearances, using her voice to enact change, and speaking to audiences about the importance of challenging and dismantling systemic anti-fat bias.

During this afternoon workshop, Nicshared intentional, meaningful and purposeful ways to incorporate fat positivity into our practice framework. The team had some great discussions about our own internalised anti-fat bias and how we are working to challenge that bias and ensure ongoing safety for our clients. We are all looking forward to integrating our new learnings into our personal and organisational frameworks!