Professional Development Available (NEDC)

The NEDC has released a training called: Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for Mental Health Professionals.

The training will equip mental health professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to identify when a person is experiencing an eating disorder, complete a comprehensive eating disorder assessment, refer to appropriate services in the stepped system of care, and understand the components of eating disorder treatment and recovery.

Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for Mental Health Professionals is available free of charge to all NEDC members (membership is free), and has been approved by NEDC as meeting the requirement for the ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential for an Introduction to Eating Disorders for Health Professionals training.

The training can be accessed on their website https://nedc.com.au/professional-development/elearning/eating-disorder-core-skills-elearning-for-mental-health-professionals/