Setting the Table Straight


By Catherine Black

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This colourful and insightful training manual gives a comprehensive understanding of the feminist perspective on eating issues. It also includes glimpses into the worlds of women with eating issues through their life stories, artwork and creative writing. This valuable resource is based on respect for women and their right to make choices about the decisions that effect their lives.



Setting the Table Straight contains:

• An exploration of the relationship between food and women’s bodies
• A feminist perspective on eating issues
• Current theoretical approaches to eating issues
• Definitions and health implications of eating issues
• Practice Interventions: A feminist approach to Counselling, Crisis Work and Group Work with women with eating issues
• Poetry, artwork and life stories of women with eating issues
• Experiences of Workers in working with women with eating issues
• Feminist Group Work model for working with women with eating issues

Setting the Table Straight is an essential resource for social workers, health professionals, psychologists, teachers & school nurses, GPs, youth workers, sexual assault workers and all others who work with women who are experiencing eating issues.