Mentoring for recovery and life beyond eating issues

The Eating Disorders Queensland Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) supports people who are recovering from eating disorders by partnering mentees with mentors who have recovered from an eating disorder.

Successful mentoring requires thorough training through our program and a commitment to regular mentoring contact agreed to by mentor and mentee for a six-month period.

The design and structure of the Peer Mentor Program is based on best practice national and international standards from other mentoring programs. Data and feedback from the program undergo ongoing evaluation to improve the program and the experiences of participants.

What is involved in the Eating Disorder PMP Training?:

  • Mentor training covers Mentoring best practice, Recovery principles, Personal Boundaries, Expectations, Crisis response, Meal support and links mentors with support resources and the Eating Issues Centre team.

  • Following the training all mentors will be linked with a senior mentor who has also completed the mentor program. There will be an opportunity to join a private Facebook group and to participate in peer group forums.

  • Mentors will also have several opportunities to connect socially throughout the 6 month program.

PMP Program FAQs

  • Evening or Half Day Session (3 hours) Introduction to Mentoring
  • Full Day Session (7.5 hours) Mentoring Skills Development
  • Evening or half day Session (3 hours) Meal Support (Usually 1-2 weeks after the Meet & Greet)

Yes. This program is not designed to replace therapeutic support but to offer an additional support for people between contact with professional medical and mental health support.

This program is not intended to meet every need of each person living with an eating disorder. Rather, it offers a unique opportunity to develop a supportive relationship that can be found through contact with someone who has lived through EI’s and experienced recovery.

The mentor is not an expert on recovery and will not tell you what to do. They may be able to share some of what has worked for them in similar situations. The mentor / mentee relationship is intended to be limited to 6 months, if both parties wish to extend the relationship beyond this time period this will be a matter for them to negotiate.

It is recommended that you have contact weekly to fortnightly.

While face to face contact is preferred it is also possible to utilise other mediums such as phone and email between face to face contact. Both mentors & mentees will also meet as a group 3 times throughout the 6 month program.

The initial Meet & Greet will be an opportunity to meet your mentee/mentor and to meet your cohort. Once you have met your mentor/mentee you will have the opportunity to complete a Contact Agreement outlining the type, location and frequency of contact.

The Mid Point Review will be an opportunity to consider achievements and explore any challenges arising.

The Final Celebration a chance to reflect on the program and the journey of the past 6 months.

Apply to become a mentor

EDQ’s Peer Mentoring Program is a time-limited program. PMP matches individuals wanting support in eating disorder recovery with a person who has a lived experience of recovery.
Applicants are not guaranteed to be considered for the PMP. EDQ reserves the right to refuse any applicant at their discretion. Feedback will be given to participants who are unsuccessful upon request. All applicants who have completed the application form will be assessed as to their suitability for PMP (whether mentor or mentee) and must complete an interview with a EDQ practitioner.
All mentors must:
  • Be 18yrs+
  • Have been in stable recovery from an eating disorder for a minimum of 2 years
  • Have the capacity to make a 6 month commitment to a mentoring relationship
  • Ideally have a current support team or mix of friendships and interests (e.g. counsellor/therapist/GP/nutritionist/dietician).
  • Be able to get a letter from your current (or past) therapist/counsellor stating their support for your application.

Lived Experience Speaker Program

EDQ values the voices of those with lived experience and recognise the power in hearing someone who is in recovery share their story which has been echoed through the community. The Lived Experience Speaker Program has been running since 2016.

All Lived Experience Speakers have been in recovery for a minimum of two years and must undergo a training course with EDQ. The training provides education on important concepts about being a speaker and provides space for those in recovery to structure and share their story alongside hear from a speaker’s experience.

Speakers contribute to a variety of events through the year including training, EDQ groups and awareness events.

lived experience team members

Quote from a speaker

“Now I am no longer seeking. Seeking to be heard and seen. I have found my place and I occupy it proudly. I used to desperately look for myself in others’ stories. And while I found connection, I never found myself. Now I notice I am no longer looking for myself because I am me. And I am here. And I am now.”

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Volunteers support our valuable work and goals. We offer a range of volunteering opportunities across a broad range of interest areas, such as event planning, administration tasks, cooking, and gardening. Join our volunteer team or keep an eye out for specific volunteer opportunities via our social media.

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