We now have appointments available for those who have been referred by their GP or psychiatrist for Medicare counselling or dietetics sessions – for individuals and carers/key support people impacted by eating disorders.  

To access these appointments, you should contact EDQ and request to see a Medicare practitioner. Our normal intake process will still apply – first a brief phone call, and then an in-person session. Following this, you will be able to book in with your choice of Medicare practitioner, and will also be eligible to attend any group programs at EDQ.

Please note, EDQ still has free counselling available for those who do not have access to Medicare sessions.

Introducing our Medicare practitioners

Jane Bowman – Available Monday and Tuesday each week

Mental Health Social Worker

Jane is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has experience of working with eating disorders, problematic substance use and trauma. She believes all of us are experts on our own unique internal systems. She sees her role as a support for clients in accessing this knowledge and better understanding their responses to situations and to increase their capacity to choose responses that are more in line with their own values. She utilises various modalities, including CBT, ACT and Internal Family Systems.  She likes to bring humour into the counselling room alongside her honest and down to earth approach to life.

Megan Bray – Available Monday and Tuesday each week

Contracted Dietitian

Megan is a graduate of the University of Queensland; she holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and a Master of Dietetic Studies. Megan is a strong advocate for recovery, non-diet nutrition and body acceptance. She believes empathy, compassion and expertise are the foundation of supporting individuals with eating concerns. Megan has undertaken research in the eating disorder field, works as a peer mentor with individuals pursuing recovery, and is active in the pro-recovery social media space.


Rosie Quinlan – Available each Friday (Starting 14th February)

Contracted Clinical Psychologist (Medicare)

As a clinical psychologist Rosie uses an in integrative approach to working with clients and systems.  Rosie has a warm and collaborative style and aims to create a supportive, compassionate and non-judgemental environment for her clients. Rosie has worked in the human services sector for over 15 years in community-based organizations, universities and in private practice.

Read more about information on Medicare counselling and pricing here, or contact .