Important: EDQ COVID Public Health Update

December 2021

Queensland Health has now mandated that all staff are vaccinated for in-person contact with clients; and we are pleased to announce that all staff in our Brisbane office are fully vaccinated.

EDQ guidance to Non-Vaccinated clients:

  • For any in-person contact, clients who are not vaccinated must strictly adhere to 1.5m social distancing
  • Always wear a mask when at EDQ or when engaging with practitioners, mentors, or peer workers off site
  • Or choose telehealth options where possible.

EDQ guidance to all clients:

As EDQ cannot guarantee the vaccination status of any other visitors to the building, we also encourage anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask to do so.

EDQ will cImage of a woman wearing a mask, with text that states: 'Not vaccinated? Please wear a mask'ontinue to have masks available for those who request one.

All other COVID -19 safety precautions that EDQ has in place, including frequent hand washing, surface sanitisation, and room capacity limits, will all be remaining in place.

Checking in will remain a requirement of entry, and we request that you do not attend in person, events, or appointments, if you are unwell, even with minor symptoms. Let us know and we will make alternate arrangements via Telehealth or video conferencing.


We would like to thank all our clients for being very supportive and cooperative with EDQ’s health guidelines during the pandemic, which enables us to deliver services in the safest way possible.

For more information on Queensland vaccination requirements coming into play from December 17th, visit this link.