• Acknowledge and allow for anxiety
  • Recognize that your thoughts are just thoughts – let them pass
  • You are in control of your thoughts – find your kick ass recovery mantra
  • Practice self compassion – you are worthy of joy, fun and friendships
  • Choose a safe, pleasant & calming environment to engage in this mindfulness activity before an event

Plan ahead:

  • If you don’t feel comfortable eating at an event, have something healthy and tasty before you attend, this will help you to avoid feeling hungry or overeating later..
  • Try to find out beforehand what food will available, if appropriate, you could offer to take ‘safe’ food to share
  • Plan and discuss social events and what may happen-what people may say, and what responses you might give them -practice saying these out loud
  • Many people overeat during the holidays and often comment on the quantity they have eaten and body shape – remember their comments are not aimed at you, put comments “on a leave and let them drift down a stream”
  • Give yourself ‘time out’ from the event – choose a quieter safer place with a support person to eat during the event

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