Estimated completion time is 10-15 minutes.

Hello, this will be your first step of engaging with Eating Disorders Qld. We acknowledge that it can be difficult to discuss your experiences with eating disorder/s and body image issues, particularly at first.

To make it a bit easier, we have developed this form that you can complete and send back to us before we call you.

You will receive a call to discuss the information provided, or we are happy to complete the form with you. During this call we can discuss any questions or touch on issues pertaining to the questions on the form.

After the phone assessment has been completed and we both feel that EDQ is a good fit one of our practitioners will arrange a more comprehensive ‘intake’ session.

During an intake session, you and the practitioner will review your needs, recovery goals and expectations of therapy/holistic recovery needs.

We will also go through Confidentiality and our shared Rights & Responsibilities. Looking forward to meeting you!

Due to the high demand for EDQ’s funded services, and allowing for fair equitable distribution of therapeutic resources to the community:

• EDQ requires 48 working hours’ notice of cancellation for all appointments

• In the event of 3 late cancellations or no-shows, your practitioner will discuss other support options with you before booking another appointment

EDQ acknowledges recovery and the therapeutic process is not linear. Please discuss any changing needs or barriers with your practitioner so EDQ can best support you and the greater community.

To access services with EDQ, we require that you engage regularly with a GP to monitor your medical stability.  As part of this process, a GP will need to sign EDQ’s client medical clearance form. Medical monitoring is required for all clients, no matter what kind of eating disorder behaviour is present. Eating disorders have significant impacts on physical health.

If you do not currently have a suitable GP, please let us know and we can assist you to find one.

We will email you a written Consent and Rights and Responsibilities Form for you to review and sign before your Intake Appointment. These documents detail how we handle your information. If you have any queries, feel free to ask any staff member.
You can invite a support person to your intake appointment if you would find that helpful – just let us know when we book that appointment in.
To prepare for your intake session with an Eating Disorders Practitioner at EDQ, you may like to consider some of these questions:
  • What support you have accessed in the past and how it has benefited you?
  • What support or strategies has worked well for you in the past?
  • What support are you getting now?
  • What support you feel you require now?
  • 3 Top Recovery goals