Find Strength in Your Story

Find Strength in Your Story

A client contribution 

by Lisa Jones


Find strength in your story

For it is only yours to tell

Your words, your wisdom

Of a time spent unwell


Forgo the fear of judgement

Don’t brush over the woes

It’s important that they hear this

The world needs to know


That recovery feels like

Everything, all at once

Triumphs, tribulations

A cruel sucker punch


But let them know it does get better

As impossible as it may seem

Once life a nightmare

Can again become a dream


Put the pain onto paper

Type out your tears

And soon you may find

That those lingering fears


Of judgement, of stigma

Of being lesser than

Could not compare to the feeling

Of realising you can


Be loud and proud

Take up space and express

What you wish you’d told yourself

When you thought you were less.


If you have something of your own you’d like share with our audience, please email [email protected]. Note that submissions may be edited before being shared.

Submissions can be written pieces or artworks. They may include stories of recovery or hope; and can come from individuals or carers/support people. If making a submission, please consider the safety of others and do not include comparison photos, descriptions of specific behaviour, or references to specific weight/BMI.