Seeking Carers of recovered loved ones to participate in the following research

Researcher Details

The study is being undertaken by Poulami Seal (Master’s of Counselling student, University of Queensland) currently on placement with The Eating Disorders Association and The Eating Issues Centre.

Project Title

“Exploring the experience of Family Meal time and Eating Disorders from a Carer Perspective: Qualitative study.”


The main aim of this research is to explore the carer’s perspective of the family meal time and how it serves to enable/not enable the cohesiveness of a family unit both during a chronic condition such as an eating disorder and beyond recovery.

Project Description

Qualitative research into a carers’ perspective of the way in which the meal time enables or disables the cohesiveness within a family unit during chronic illness and beyond recovery. Taking into consideration family meal time routines, rituals, roles, structure, stability, tradition and symbolic meaning.

Data collection

Data will be collected from participants using in-depth interview.  Participants in this study will include carers who have supported individuals in the recovery process from eating disorder. The data will be collected in a manner that is most suitable for the participants i.e. phone, skype session or face-to-face interview. The data will be audio recorded with the consent of the participants. If the participant provides consent to be interviewed in a face-to-face manner, the participant maybe asked to come to the organisation’s office. The interview would take place in the counselling room and audio-recorded by the researcher, with consent of the participant. All  interviews will be completed in 1 hour.

If you are interested in participating in this research please email Poulami at