For World Eating Disorders Action Day 2018 we explored some myths around eating issues. In this playlist our staff members help to explain and debunk some of the most prevalent of these myths here.

A playlist of staff videos from Mental Health Week 2017.

Providing access to succinct and detailed information on eating disorders, treatment options and how you can help your loved one. Below are some useful links and information to help during recovery.

Carer Kit

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EDQ Training

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EDQ Brochure

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Inside Out

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Me & My ED

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Caring for Someone..

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ED Information

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DBT Resource

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Helpful Publications

How To Develop Self Compassion

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10 Barriers of Self Compassion

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The Voice of Lived Experience

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Everything You've Been Told

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QLD inpatient treatment guide

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Eating Disorders in Sport and Fitness

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Eating Disorders - a Resource for GPs

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QuEDS Nutrition Flowchart

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Recovery Through Connected Eating: Vodcasts

Episode 1 - May 2018

This episode features Belinda Chelius, General Manager at EDQ, interviewing Megan Bray, registered dietitian and senior mentor. They explore common challenges and ideas around connected eating skills to assist in overcoming these challenges.

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Episode 2, December 2018

Belinda Chelius and Megan Bray discuss Megan's journey through recovery. They talk about : "Bad" Foods and "Good" Foods, Myths about Carbohydrates, What does an adequate meal look like? and Tips for Eating Over the Holidays.

Download the accompanying e-page here

EDA - Part 01

Maudsley Method by Kim Hurst, Psychologist for Gold Coast CHYMS

EDA - Part 04

A Medical Model by Dr Leanne Barron, General Practitioner

EDA - Part 02

ED Information by Mel Marks, EDA Resource Support Worker

EDA - Part 05

A RAVES Approach to Healthy Eating by Shane Jeffrey, Dietitian

EDA - Part 03

A Carer's Perspective on Eating Issues / Disorders

EDA - Part 06

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Kym Hurst, Psychologist, Gold Coast CHYMS