EDQ is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community and reducing the risk of exposure to our staff, clients and visitors. To ensure the delivery of all our support services in a safe, practical & innovative way we are taking precautionary measures to protect everyone who visits EDQ.

How will we do that?

  • As of Monday March 23, our physical office is closed and we are no longer providing in-person appointments.
  • We are still accessible by calling 07 3844 6055, or emailing .  All enquiries will be responded to.
  • ALL EDQ supports and services will be offered via Phone, Zoom or Skype counselling to all clients.
  • EDQ is still taking on NEW Clients, via Phone, Zoom or Skype counselling.
  • EDQ has made the difficult decision to postpone all groups for the short term, effective Tuesday 17th March.

I was seeing a Medicare practitioner

  • Medicare clients will be contacted by EDQ to arrange their sessions and for possible alternative options.

Group activities & events?

  • Video link-ups for certain groups will be available, please keep an eye on our social media, website and e-mails (pls check your junk mail folder)
  • Each group client will be offered additional individual support or counselling by one of EDQ’s Eating Issues Practitioners, Support Worker or Family and Carer Coaches, in person, or via video conferencing (ZOOM) and telephone.
  • We will contact each client individually to discuss your preferences

Shopping & Tech Support

  • EDQ can supply all our current clients with letters of support to access early shopping hours or delivery options.
  • This has been checked with Woolworths and they will accept such a letter.
  • EDQ Support Worker can provide 1:1 meal support to clients via Zoom.
  • EDQ can support clients or EDQ community members with any technical support to set up Zoom or telehealth.
  • Please contact EDQ for a 1:1 virtual session with our support worker.

Eating Disorders Queensland supports a vibrant community of individuals recovering from an eating disorder, including people with lived experiences, carers and family members.

EDQ’s culture has been and still is about strong community connection, recovery, hope and resilience.

As a team, we are working hard at translating our core values into a service that is meaningful, aid ongoing recovery, connection and community-generated support.

We are driven by lived experience that informs our connection with you.

Please reach out to us with any ideas, extra support needs or just to say “Hi”.

Through our social media and website resources, we will be providing a range of different support strategies for managing anxiety during this time.

Showing compassion, support and connection during this time.

Feel free to call EDQ 07 3844 6055 with any questions, suggestions or requests. For updated information, reliable facts and QLD Health response click here