Eating Disorders, Gender, and Sexuality – Implications for Practice

David presented at the Annual QuEDS Forum with Lived Experience Speakers Nadia and Michael. The presentation focused on the role of gender and sexuality in eating disorder experiences and the implications for practice. The QuEDS Forum is an annual education event for eating disorder professionals, and this year focused on the theme ‘Inclusive Practice.’

Nadia & Michael shared their experience of eating issues while not fitting the eating disorder ‘stereotype’ and how that impacted their recovery journey.

Our Lived Experience Speakers are a part of our Speaker program. They complete training with us and then we arrange for them to go to various events and share their story. If you’re interested in becoming a lived experience speaker, please complete the ‘Apply to Become a Mentor’ form on this link: https://eatingdisordersqueensland.org.au/peer-mentoring/

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