About Eating Disorders Queensland

The Eating Issues Centre (TEIC) and Eating Disorders Association (EDA) have merged to form Eating Disorders Queensland (EDQ).

The Eating Issues Centre (TEIC) and Eating Disorders Association (EDA) in Brisbane, merged on 5 October 2018. This created the largest community service in Queensland offering support and treatment for individuals living with and recovering from an eating disorder, their Carers and loved ones.

The new entity is Eating Disorders Queensland (EDQ), is based in Toowong. It will be a statewide not-for-profit organisation funded by Queensland Health. EDQ will provide integrated eating disorder support services to Qld individuals and families living with and recovering from an eating disorder, their carers and loved ones.

TEIC Timeline

Eating Disorders Queensland

TEIC was founded in 1996 by a group of feminist practitioners. They sought to develop alternative approaches to the bio-medical model of working with women with eating issues.

Originally auspiced by Zig Zag Young Women's Resource Centre it became an independent Incorporated Association. The service was originally called ISIS The Eating Issues Centre after the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, growth and nourishment.

EDA Timeline

Eating Disorders Queensland
In 1993, the Queensland Association for Mental Health established a support group for carers of people suffering from an eating disorder. This then became the 'Eating Disorders Association Incorporated' (EDA Inc.).

In 1994, a decision was made by this group to lobby Queensland Health for funding to establish an Eating Disorders Resource Centre. The demand for information and support for those suffering from and caring for individuals with an eating disorder grew.

In 1996, the EDA (Inc) received government funding. This aided the establishment and incorporation of the Eating Disorders Association Resource Centre (EDARC). The EDA Inc began to provide referral, information and support for people living with an eating disorder in Queensland, and their carers.

The Queensland Minister for Health opened the centre in April 1996. In 2014 the EDA and The Eating Issues Centre (formerly Isis) received funding from Queensland Health. This provided services to individuals and their carers living with an eating disorder. The Eating Disorders Association Inc. currently works predominantly with carers providing referral, counselling support, education and training.

The EDQ Vision Statement:

A world free from eating disorders

At EDQ we believe in the importance of making sense of eating disorders in respectful and non-judgmental ways.


The EDQ Mission Statement:

To facilitate hope and recovery for all people affected by eating disorders

Value Statements

Nurture: We create an inclusive, connected community that inspires hope and kindness.
Empowerment: We create a safe environment where people have the power to lead recovery.
Integrity: We work with respect, embracing honesty, trust and empathy in all that we do.
Innovation: We work collaboratively and creatively to provide high-quality responsive programs, services and initiatives.
Collaboration: We foster diversity through sharing learning among people in recovery, carers and sector partners.

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Service Delivery

Research: To research and build evidence to improve treatment and education responses.
Innovation and Leadership: Improvements of treatment/support options.
Education: Provide effective, peer-led education to diverse communities and health care professionals.
Peer Leadership: Build peer leaders to guide recovery and hope.
Influence: Champion sector and system reform.
State-wide Accessibility: Build capacity to deliver across Queensland.

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