Carers, Families and Loved Ones

A ‘carer’ is anyone supporting an individual with an eating disorder. A parent, sibling, partner, best friend, grandparent, health professional, school counsellor, chaplain or other significant person.

Supporting you to support your loved one. Our Family & Carer Team have a range f services and support options for family members, carers and key support people who are supporting a loved on with an eating issue. Our services include Individual Coaching, Skills Based Workshops, Support Groups for Carers, Carer Peer Mentoring and other Events throughout the year. The intention of our services is to provide information, support, skills, empowerment and connection for family members and carers. Our hope is that the provision of these services assists families and carers in their caring role, whilst maintaining their own health and wellbeing.

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By our definition a ‘carer’ is anyone supporting an individual with an eating disorder. This can be a family member, partner, best friend, health professional, school counsellor, chaplain or other significant person.

Providing information about eating disorders, and treatment options. We can guide you towards training or support groups for Queensland carers throughout the state. We provide a referral list of health professionals with eating disorder experience in your local area.

Individualised Coaching

We provide free phone, email or face to face coaching for individual carers and/or families. This is to help you develop an understanding of eating disorders and ways in which you can support your loved one.

These interventions are tailored to carers and family’s needs. We make use of Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Strategies or Single Session Consultations and Single Session Family Consultations

The aim of Single Session Consultations and Single Session Family Consultation is to assist you in identifying and targeting key concerns. A Coach will work with you to develop positive, suitable strategies and action plans and provide you with tools which will assist you as you support your loved one.

Despite its name, Single Session Consultations is a longer process. It usually involves an initial phone or face to face contact with a practitioner and/or the completion of a pre-session questionnaire. A one 1-1.5 hour face-to-face/phone or skype session, and a follow-up phone call which is booked in by the coach at the end of the session. You are always welcome to come back for further consultations should the need arise.

Carer Peer Mentor Program

Our Carer Peer Mentor Program connects Queensland carers to be mentored by other carers who have supported a love one in their recovery. All carer mentors are extensively trained to provide non-clinical, additional support.

Carer Help Kit

Eating Disorders Carers Help Kit

This site aims to provide detailed information on eating disorders, treatment options, and how you can help your loved one. This website also includes a ‘For Professionals’ tab which provides further guidance for GPs and other health professionals who encounter patients seeking treatment for eating disorders.
Visit: Eating Disorders Carers Help Kit

Skills Based Training

The 1-day Fostering Recovery Workshop is based on the work of Professor Janet Treasure. It aims to help Queensland carers understand more about eating disorders and ways to support recovery. You'll learn how to make meal times less stressful, develop positive coping strategies and communication skills, and foster a healthier relationship with your loved one.

Family & Friends Support Group

The Family and Friends Support group provides you with an opportunity to hear from a carer who has supported their loved one to recover. You will meet with others similarly affected, and talk through issues you’re experiencing. The group is facilitated by a Family and Carer Coach.

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