Families, Carers and Key Support People

A ‘carer’ is anyone supporting an individual with an eating disorder. A parent, sibling, partner, best friend, grandparent, health professional, school counsellor, chaplain or other significant person.

Supporting you to support your loved one.

Our Family & Carer Team have a range of services and support options for family members, carers and key support people who are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder.

Our services include Individual Coaching, Fostering Recovery Workshops, Carer Connect Support Group, Carer Peer Mentoring and Re-Connect events throughout the year.


The intention of our services is to provide information, support, skills, empowerment and connection for family members, carers and key support people.

Our hope is that the provision of these services assists families, carers and key support people in their caring role, whilst maintaining their own health and wellbeing.

For information, resources and Vodcast episodes, please go to our Resource page.

EDQ Carer Mentors


Providing information about eating disorders, and treatment options. We can guide you towards training or support groups for Queensland carers throughout the state. We provide a referral list of health professionals with eating disorder experience in your local area.

Individualised Coaching

We provide phone, face to face or Zoom (video call) coaching for families, carers or key support people. This is to help you develop an understanding of eating disorders and ways in which you can support your loved one.

Our Individual coaching service aims to collaboratively identify the key issue/challenges that you are experiencing in supporting your loved one with their Eating Disorder recovery. Sessions focus on practical skills, strategies and action plans to support you to support your loved one. Our coaching process involves a phone or face to face intake, which enables the Coach to develop an understanding of your current caring role, as well as the challenges you are experiencing, and what information and support you require.

Family Coaching

Family Coaching Sessions provide an opportunity for a carer and their loved one to collaboratively discuss practical strategies and action plans to enhance the individual’s recovery.

The sessions are provided for carers and loved ones who are both linked in with EDQ and are Co- facilitated by a Family and Carer Coach and your loved one’s EDQ practitioner

Carer Peer Mentor Program

The Carer Peer Mentor Program connects and matches individuals who are currently supporting a loved one in their recovery from an eating disorder, with a “mentor” who has been through this journey with a loved one, and who would now like to provide connection, support and hope for other carers.

The program follows a strengths-based model and recognises the value of a carer’s lived experience specific to eating disorders, and the skills and knowledge developed as a result of their own caring role.

All carer mentors are provided with training and support to provide non-clinical support.

Carer Help Kit

Eating Disorders Carers Help Kit

This site aims to provide family members, carers and key support people with information and resources about eating disorders, treatment options, and ways to help your loved one.

Additionally, it includes information and resources that may be helpful for GP’s and other health professionals with clients accessing support for eating disorders.

Visit: Eating Disorders Carers Help Kit

Fostering Recovery Workshop 

The Fostering Recovery Workshop is an evidence-based 1-day workshop that aims to help family members, carers and key support people increase their understanding of eating disorders and ways to support their loved one’s recovery.

Based on the work of Professor Janet Treasure, you'll learn how to make meal times less stressful, positive coping strategies and communication skills, and foster a healthier relationship with your loved one.

Feedback about the workshop includes “I feel much more empowered after the workshop and have more confidence in my ability to tackle the challenges ahead …” and “excellent content & delivery, clear explanations & examples. Use of time for discussion was well managed”.

Carer Connect Support Group

The Carer Connect Support Group provides a supportive and collaborative environment for family members, carers and key support people to come together and is facilitated by EDQ Family & Carer Coaches.

The group is run monthly at EDQ from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and focuses on different themes/topics each month, including guest speakers.

The group aims to be informative and to support families and carers to support their loved ones. The evening is an opportunity to connect with others who are going through a similar journey and to hear different experiences and insights.

Feedback from people who have attended Carer Connect evenings includes connection with others who understand”, “nice to meet people who have been through the same thing”, “everyone is open, caring, supportive, no judgement.”

Re-Connect Events

Throughout the year the Family and Carer Team run events tailored to Families, Carers and Key support people to provide information, support and connection.

Our Re-Connect events are themed events that are accessible to past, current Carer clients, or Carers who have not yet linked in with the service.

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