Individual Counselling (Statewide)

EDQ Individual Counselling supports those recovering from eating disorders with a skilled practitioner in a safe environment.

  • Individual Counselling is available to individuals, carers and families across Queensland.
  • Counselling support allows people to explore their underlying issues with skilled practitioners in a safe, therapeutic and confidential environment.
  • Counselling can be carried out face to face, by phone or via Skype.
  • Individuals who are experiencing an eating issue throughout Queensland are eligible to access counselling.
  • These sessions are funded at no cost to clients.
  • There is a waitlist to access individual counselling services which varies

Medicare Rebated Sessions

Mental Health Social Worker
Full Fee: $120.00 per hour, Medicare Rebate: $74.80

Clinical Psychologist
Full Fee: $180.00 per hour, Medicare Rebate: $124.50

General Psychologist
Full Fee: $120.00 per hour, Medicare Rebate: $84

  • Individuals, Carers and families can be directed to our contracted Medicare rebated health professionals
  • While you are on our waitlist for free counselling and if you can afford a gap fee under Medicare
  • You will not lose your waitlisted spot
  • You can access 10 session through a mental health care plan from your GP