Individual Counselling (Statewide)

EDQ Free Individual Counselling supports those recovering from eating disorders with a skilled practitioner in a safe environment.

  • Individual Counselling is available to individuals, carers and families across Queensland.
  • Counselling support allows people to explore their underlying issues with skilled practitioners in a safe, therapeutic and confidential environment.
  • Counselling can be carried out face to face, by phone or via Skype.
  • Individuals who are experiencing an eating issue throughout Queensland are eligible to access counselling.
  • There is a waitlist to access individual counselling services. The length of this waitlist varies throughout the year.
  • GP referral is only required for Medicare-subsidised counselling.

Additional Options

Medicare Rebated Sessions

Medicare Rebates are available for all clients with a valid GP referral.

The rebate amount is dependent on both the referral type, and the treating practitioner. There is a cancellation fee of $15.00 where less than 48 hours notice is given to change or cancel an appointment.

Medicare Rates for EDQ Social Worker

Jane Bowman - Available Monday, Tuesday

  • $105.95 - EDQ charge
  • $75.95 - Rebate
  • $30.00 - Out of pocket per session for client

Medicare Rates for Dietitian

Megan Bray - Available Monday, Tuesday 

  • $130.00 - EDQ charge
  • $53.80 - Rebate
  • $76.20 - Out of pocket per session for client

Medicare Rates for Clinical Psychologist

Rosie Quinlan - Available Friday

  • $156.50 - EDQ charge
  • $126.50 - Rebate
  • $30.00 - Out of pocket per session for client
  • Individuals, Carers and families can be directed to our contracted Medicare rebated health professionals
  • To access Medicare rebated individual counselling sessions, a GP referral will be required
  • Up to 40 counselling sessions, or up to 20 dietetics sessions, may be accessed through Medicare, depending on the type of referral
  • Following GP referral, you should contact EDQ and request to see a practitioner under the EDP. Our normal intake process will still apply – first a brief phone call, and then an in-person session.
  • We can also provide services under NDIS plans - please enquire with one of our staff members for more information
  • For those who are not covered by either NDIS or Medicare, we are able to offer free counselling
  • Clients are able to participate in our therapeutic groups while accessing individual counselling