Individual Counselling (Statewide)

EDQ Individual Counselling supports those recovering from eating disorders with a skilled practitioner in a safe environment.

  • Individual Counselling is available to individuals across Queensland (age 16 and over). Individual Counselling is funded by Qld Health for those who do not have access to Medicare or NDIS support options.
  • Counselling support allows people to explore their underlying issues with skilled practitioners in a safe, therapeutic and confidential environment.
  • Counselling can be carried out either face-to-face, or via telehealth
  • There is a waitlist to access individual counselling services. The length of this waitlist varies throughout the year. Since early 2020, we have experienced an unprecedented level of enquiries and new clients, and waiting lengths are unfortunately longer than usual. We are still accepting new clients and offering alternative support options during this waiting time for individual counselling.
  • GP referral is only required for Medicare-subsidised counselling. No referral is required for clients accessing Qld Health-funded counselling, or NDIS-funded counselling.

Additional Options

Medicare Rebated Sessions

Medicare Rebates are available for all clients with a valid GP referral.

The rebate amount is dependent on both the referral type, and the treating practitioner. There is a cancellation fee of $15.00 where less than 48 hours notice is given to change or cancel an appointment.

Jane Bowman, Mental Health Social Worker

Available Monday, Tuesday each week

  • $120.00 per session

Megan Bray, Dietitian

Available Tuesday evening each week

  • $130.00 per session

Rosie Quinlan, Clinical Psychologist

Available Friday each fortnight

  • $170.00 per session

Lisa Prineas, Dietitian

Available Monday each week

  • $130.00 per session

Nifesi Osiyemi, Mental Health Social Worker

Available Tuesday and Friday each week

  • $120.00 per session
  • Individuals, Carers and families can be directed to our contracted Medicare rebated health professionals
  • To access Medicare rebated individual counselling sessions, a GP referral will be required
  • Up to 40 counselling sessions, or up to 20 dietetics sessions, may be accessed through Medicare, depending on the type of referral
  • Following GP referral, you should contact EDQ and request to see a practitioner under the EDP. Our normal intake process will still apply – first a brief phone call, and then an in-person session.
  • We can also provide services under NDIS plans - please enquire with one of our staff members for more information
  • For those who are not covered by either NDIS or Medicare, we are able to offer counselling funded by Qld Health
  • Clients are able to participate in our therapeutic groups while accessing individual counselling
  • Please note that any requested additional support letters or reporting etc. will be charged in line with the practitioner's hourly rate.


Eating Disorders Queensland is a Registered NDIS Provider.

We are registered for

Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living Skills

  • Therapeutic supports

Capacity Building - Choice and Control

  • Support Coordination

Individual, group and meal support available

  • EDQ can provide support letters where appropriate
  • Referral to Local Area Coordination for plan support or management

NDIS Cost guide for these services

EDQ charges the NDIS Set Fee for all services.

Contact EDQ to discuss service agreement details with us.

For more information: