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The EDQ 10-Week Groups support individuals with eating issues. They are held in a safe and supportive environment.

These groups are open to people of all genders from age 16 years. The 10 week group aims to create a safe and supportive environment. This allows people to explore some of the underlying reasons why we might be struggling with eating issues.

We look at a range of topics including feelings and needs, relationships and communication. Also how body image and how gender roles, cultural and family expectations might play a factor in eating issues.

The group explores these different topics through discussions and expressively based therapeutic activities. These serve to increase our insight and build our support networks, skills and resources in our recovery journey.

The sense of community created in the groups and the story sharing by participants offer support. People can counter the sense of shame, guilt and isolation that can come with having an eating issue.

This group is currently being held online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Reasons for participating:

  • Reduce experiences of isolation, shame and misinformation surrounding an eating disorder
  • Receive support and understanding
  • Explore personal issues that contribute to your eating disorder
  • Explore our sense of self and identity separate from the eating issue
  • Gain valuable insight into your own and others' experiences
  • Enhance your ability to seek support that will help you further in the process of recovery from an eating issue

Some aims of the group:

  • Learning to recognise the internal critical voice and awareness of the role the critical voice plays
  • Awareness of the relationship between feelings and over or under eating and body dissatisfaction
  • An understanding of why diets don’t work
  • Understanding that recovery is a process

The group is run be experienced facilitators. Group size is usually limited to approximately 11 people

Reconnect Events (Group Therapy Brisbane)

EDQ holds various events throughout the year for community members to attend. Events are held during Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week, World Eating Disorder Action Day and Mental Health Week alongside other times throughout the year.

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Community Education (Statewide)

Body image and eating disorder workshops are held across schools, universities and the broader community to raise awareness, increase prevention and improve treatment responses.

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