Recovery Stories

Recovery is possible

When you or your loved one, are in the grips of an eating disorder, it can be hard to picture what recovery might look like – or if it is even possible. We can tell you with confidence that recovery is possible.

The journey to recovery for both the individual and their friends, family, and loved ones is long and difficult, and very rarely linear.

Each person has a different journey. We have gathered a few stories of that journey here, as well as questions that are commonly asked of EDQ’s Lived Experience Speakers.

We hope that viewing these will help to show that recovery is possible, and that while each journey is very different, there is help available at every step.

Recovery and Lived Experience

A playlist featuring people in recovery, explaining various aspects of their journey, and their lived experience with an eating disorder.

Ivan Frkovic

Queensland Mental Health Commissioner Ivan Frkovic discusses eating disorders and mental health, as part of Eating Disorders Qld’s 2020 campaign for World Eating Disorder Action. WEDAD 2020.