What to expect

1. Some Physical symptoms of discomfort – It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable; bloated; have ‘full feeling’ or even nausea

How to cope:

  • Allow yourself to sit with these uncomfortable sensations- It WILL subside
  • Acknowledge your body might not be used to the kinds of food you have eaten, but it will in time
  • Your body will digest the food
  • Your body is worthy of the nourishment
  • Regular eating every 2-3 hours of small snacks can help with these sensations
  • Practice Mindful eating- read more here Mindful Eating [pdf]

2. Psychological Effects – Feelings of self-loathing, intense anxiety, fear, shame might come up for you. Intrusive thoughts can couple it, like the urge to purge or self-harm

How to cope:

  • Using skills to tolerate the distress and ‘surfing the urge’ will help with these very real and overwhelming emotions – read more at www.dbtselfhelp.com
  • Good news the thoughts and feelings do NOT last
  • You WILL survive this! – read more at www.mindful.org
  • Do some mindfulness breathing – read more at www.mindful.org
  • Place the thoughts and urges on a “cloud and let them drift away”
  • Use Distractions- Take a peaceful walk with a support person, share your fears and thoughts, listen to your favourite song
  • Distraction for 1 hour after eating has been found to delay distressing thoughts