Community Table

EDQ Peer Support & Meal Wellbeing supports those who are recovering from eating disorders by providing a safe, supported environment where they can work through the challenges associated with eating.

The Community Table is facilitated by qualified Eating Issues Practitioners and is designed for those with a variety of eating disorders. As part of each session, the group shares a meal, which is provided by EDQ. The Community Table uses a semi-structure approach, allowing time for pre- and post-meal activities, as well as the flexibility to explore a variety of different topics and skills that may be beneficial to recovery. The Community Table is a closed group of 6-8 individuals, who meet once a week for 5 weeks. The group sessions are three hours in length and currently run over the lunch period.

There are many reasons to join The Community Table:

  • Receive support and understanding from Eating Issues Practitioners and your peers
  • Work towards personal goals around nutrition
  • Rediscover your relationship with food
  • Explore different skills to manage intrusive thoughts and feelings that accompany eating
  • Try new activities that may be helpful during the challenging pre and post meal times

If you would like to find out more about The Community Table, please contact Eating Disorders Queensland by calling 07 3844 6055 or emailing