During Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW) Eating Disorders Queensland (EDQ), a community organisation supporting individuals living with eating disorders and their families, will raise awareness around #LoveEveryBody, which aims to change the dominant discourse that our bodies define our worth as humans.

EDQ recognises that while we don’t always love our bodies, we can reframe some of the inner ‘chatter’, so we respect how our bodies perform and sustain us daily, even when we don’t see them as perfect.

Tanya Kretschmann, a lived experience speaker and senior mentor with EDQ, reframes positive body image to “a state of body neutrality, when we don’t always ‘love our body’, but we aim to deeply respect what our bodies give and do for us.”

As an organisation working with Queensland individuals living with an eating disorder and their carers, family and friends, EDQ sees the importance of body acceptance.

People are NOT born thinking negatively about their bodies, but they are part of a society that programs us to think that way. However, as a vital part of preventing body image issues and eating disorders, we CAN challenge the societal discourse.

EDQ General Manager Belinda Chelius encourages everyone to embrace the new way of having conversations about bodies and reframe the current discourse of dieting; getting beach body ready; or ideal body types. We can help create safe, non-judgmental environments for conversations where bodies and people are not judged on their shape or size. There is #NoWrongWayToHaveaBody, so let’s strive to accept the ones we have.

The Brisbane City Council will support our message #LoveEveryBody with public banners and lights: 2 September Caxton Street, Milton and Rokeby Terrace, Taringa and 9 September Inbound Story Bridge.

BIEDAW’s main event will be held in King George Square on Wednesday 11 September from 12:00 pm.

EDQ staff and colleagues from the Eating Disorders Network Qld will be there providing information on the range of services available to Queenslanders struggling with Body Image issues and Eating Disorders.

As a highlight, EDQ will display a Body Sculpture made by clients, volunteers, stakeholders and staff.

Throughout BIEDAW, EDQ will post on social media to document the progress of the artwork, raise awareness around eating disorders and encourage people to change the conversation.

Please join us and share these posts with the hashtags #LoveEveryBody #BIEDAW #NoWrongWayToHaveaBody

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